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Jason Robert Bell and Doug Young

BELL-YOUNG: Over and Beyond - The gallery is located at: THE POND 1152a N Milwaukee Chicago, IL 60625 773/368-8484 The gallery is open every Saturday from 12 noon until 5 PM or by appointment.

Exhibition dates March 28th to May 3rd. -A collaborative exhibition of fantastic somatological representational constructs and electro-dynamically delineated pictorial compositions triumphing the bewildering adventures and eldritch exploits ofWith an accompanying distinctively finite edition cacophonous compacted disc featuring Tremorous Narratives, a historically researched lexicographical ponderings by the intrepid Dr. Michael Sappol, as read by the mellifluous Kari Gatzke and satirical dramatized amusements by the derisive duo: Brian Farrelly and Jay Barba. Download all the Radio Plays


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SEE - The Fire Action!

Bell/Young radio drama that accompanies the exhibition will be broadcast on the 88.7 FM WLUW radio program Something Else on Sunday, 23rd of March, 2003 at 10 PM

Download and Hear the mp3 of the live Radio segment of the Show- Host Philip Von Zweck

Each of the 7 Over and Beyond Posters are available from Cafeshops for $50. Each - a Limited edition of 100 made with archival inks- Order yours today - All profits go to help Jason and Doug!

In this collaborative's first Chicago exhibition, New York City-based artists Jason Robert Bell and Doug Young will awe and amaze with their fantastic narratives of heroic exploits. Borrowing legitimacy from the computer-generated illustrations, tropes of figurative sculpture, medical essays and the format of serialized radio drama that are the objects and actions of the exhibition, Bell / Young imagine a mythology for the contemporary artist that eschews the neurosis of postmodern lack of authorship in favor of a humorous, self-aggrandizing storytelling.