CAVEMAN ROBOT PAPER MODEL KIT- by The Amazing Mr. Britton Walters.

Download, print, cut out, fold up, and glue together your very own caveman robot!

Hey Kids! Now you can make your very own Caveman Robot! Just download these stuffed pdfs and the "how-to", print them out on some nice card stock and Ask Mom for the x-ac-to and glue stick. Once your Done place your Cavey in a place of pride-. JRB







Hail one and All, Every Monday I check my pal Britton's web site ( for the latest update. I was so impressed with his new paper model kits: Desmond: the Nerfect Robot and The Nerfect Van, that I asked him to create a CAVEMAN ROBOT Model. Always ready to Rock n' Roll, Britton put this whole thing together in under 24 hours! Britton is the standard by which all crackpot basement dwelling cartoonist should be held to- a goddamn powerhouse! - If I did not already worship Doc Savage as my personal savior, Mr. Walters would have a new job! Check out all of Britton's stuff at
Also Britton has recently done a great Caveman Robot Lunch Box that you can Purchase at Cafepress.

Once you've made your Caveman Robot, take a picture of yourself with it and send it (via email) to us Check the rest of Caveman Robot at

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