Miracles by Mailbox

Imagine finding a unique work of art in your mailbox, Not a gift in a package- rather a object that is also its own package. A kind of amazing 3-D postcard. You never will guess what you are getting because I do not know what it will be. Geometric Forms, Bizarre images, Puzzles, Rebus, Odd pop culture artifacts, and unnamable thoughts given shape. These objects can only increase in value! Only $10.00 dollars each.


Then again, If you really want to get the full Miracle by Mailbox experience: try the year long membership, receive a unique work of art for every month of a year. The first object will come the month you place your order and then continue for a total of 12 artworks, Become a Bigshot Art collector for only $100.00 .

What are you waiting for! Credit Cards Accepted-

See the Miracles by Mailbox on exhibit-

Want to see more?

The Scott Wolniak Miracles

Over the last few years I have sent him dozens of postal expressions. Follow the link for a small sample.

Even more! Check out the Miracle by Mailbox project: Holidays on Wheels- one sent every week to Geoffrey Young - click the image to see more.