Newark Between Us 2006

Parzival and Feirefiz, Novelty Inflatables, Packing Tape, Foam Pipe Installation Tubes, Color Photocopies, and Found Objects.

For the Newark Between Us Exhibition, Chris Uphues and myself explored our shared interest in Arthurian Legends. Our piece Parzival and Feirefiz inspired, form the Wolfram von Eschenbach poem, deals the two half-brother knights, one Christian, the other Muslim, that meet battle and become friends. Our piece deals with the moment when the material world of combat and warfare transforms into energy and hope. The two figures created from pop cultural loaded found objects that when inflated with the artist's breath, and combined into arrays invoking human forms, attempt to find a new system of Mythical Heraldry from the mundane world around us.

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Special Thanks to Paul Nudd and Paola Corti Badia.

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