The Steely Dan Box Set Drawings by Jason Robert Bell 1995/96

After I had my show at the Contemporary Art Workshop in Chicago, I wanted to slow down and focus on a drawing project that would require a deep investment of time,energy and thought. As a joke I told people that I was going to do a drawing of every song on the Steely Dan Box set. As it often happens with me, I say- WHY NOT- and turn a joke into a serious project. The drawings were all done on 11"x17" card stock, with sharpie, crayon, and watercolors. I would listen to the songs over and over again, and then produce the image that I saw in my mind. I have included the lyrics of each song. The goal of this project was to knock myself into a different way of thinking, to do something that was contra to my art school training. Steely Dan songs are very visual yet cryptic, they have a complex power that I have always found solace in. All images are the copyright of Jason Robert Bell. The lyrics are all copyright of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker (Steely Dan) -