Trashsure 32 Mercury at the Crossroads

For the July 1st, opening at Jet Artworks in Washington D.C. I was invited to do a Trashsure: I abandoned a network of discrete sculptural objects on and around the city block in front of the exhibition space, meant to blur the area between where the gallery space ends and the larger public world begins. The act of abandoning artworks upon the street in front of the gallery was a positive yet absurdist ritual meant to bring good tidings to this new exhibition space. To this end the objects themselves were intended to invoke concepts of commerce, good fortune, and new beginnings. Distorted colored photo-copied dollar bills dipped soaked in epoxy, a half sized ersatz postbox, a tripod yellow industrial plastic domed form with stickers from the life of Yeshua bin Mariam, A Louisville Slugger painted green and extended with a drum kit stand with broccoli rubber bands capped with cocktail flags of the western world and a monocle, ten foot pole embedded in concrete with an icosahedrons covered with a poster print self-portrait and two wedding dove balloons, a “lure” made from a collection of random object including a defunct blackberry and a coconut

- Abandoned July 1st, 2005 - 2108 R street nw, Washington DC-Special Thanks to Jonathan Latiano

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