Trashsure #11- Actual God Paradigm. - 8 feet x 4.5 feet at base, found objects, Ink, wood, paper, acrylic,Styrofoam, plastic, oil paint, plaster, epoxy, cloth tape, and cardboard- With a slight tip of the hat to William Kentridge is the Actual God Paradigm :a lion headed towering tripod that holds the Old Man himself, who looks down upon us with a quiet rage, and dreams of a new world of pure order. Displayed in the middle of the tripod is an altered and inverted beggar sign.(transcribed at the bottom of this page)-- Special thanks to Peter Staley.- Abandoned Sept. 21st, 2002 22nd and 10th Ave., NY, NY

2.2 m Quicktime file

Society has tought

you to treat me like shit because

Im poor think for

your self, I just need afew bucks

for a bus ticket! (inverted)