Trashsure #17- The Caduceus. -2 ft. 5" x 8" x 8" built off of a found lamp base, tin foil, metal sculpture wire, gold wire, acrylic, rudder foam toy human brain, plastic, glue, mini- Jesse Ventura head with silver scale model tree branches coming out of the ears, trophy laurels. The Instrument of Hermes finds itself transported and transformed into the heart of New York City. Right in front of the Oyster Bar, where the walls push the sounds around in odd and marvelous ways. Due to the bad lighting these pictures kind of suck - sorry. Everyone I told about this one said I was going to get shot, by some zit faced kid in the National Guard.Is not Art worth dying for? Special Thanks to Gaby Brainard.


- Abandoned April. 12th, 2003 Grand Central Station, New York, NY

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