Trashsure #27 -The Desperation Station. -4' max height, 2.5’ x 3’ wide, wooden speaker component, assorted stickers, metal fixtures, television antenna, two brass stars, paper beer labels, two pocket sized New Testaments with old metro cards cut into swastikas as book makers, a Puerto Ricans Pride boxing glove novelty, game controller, epoxy resin, wood screws, acrylic paint, a full set on dominos, gold foil, a fake eyeball toy, a 9 volt battery, copper wire, clap light attachment, child’s’ toy car steering wheel, four plastic casters, two badminton rack heads, one bike reflector, an iMac vent, four coat hooks, a cell phone cradle, creamchesse lids, cardboard, gaffers tape, and some other stuff
The Desperation Station has been growing “organically” over the past six months, I have come to think of it as a terminal of a half-dozen half baked ideas, I thought the empty cement circle in front of PS1 was the perfect place for it.

- Abandoned Feb. 7th, 2004 Jackson Ave. and 46 Ave., Long Island City, Queens, NY

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