Trashsure #29- The Kristthor - ritual burial for 2004

5.5' x 4' x 4.5', plastic, paper, acrylic, wood, Color Aid paper, styrofoam, canvas, and epoxy

Huron pier in Greenpoint Brooklyn- 7:00 AM - 01/01/2005

I launched and set fire to the Kristthor, a 4 foot by 5 foot by 4 foot replica drakkar (Viking battle ship). The Kristthor was loaded with small symbolic items my life.
Set upon the east river, and set on fire, this ship which I made in a 24 hour period on Dec 24th, will set this " brutal solar orbit", to an end.
The Wind blew out the fire before it got started, but the boat sailed away nicely. Next time more Gas!

Dedicated to Gabrielle Eve Brainard, my one true love.

the trashsures
See more details of the ship!
Special Thanks to Doug, Amy, and Kory