Trashsure #9 - The W.P.A.-dim vary, found objects, wood, paper, acrylic,styrofoam, epoxyresin, computer cables and accounting keyboard, and a real pineapple- The Whimsical Pineapple Apparatus - a triad of pineapple themed objects. The main larger faux mother, with a flatter chromatic interface, and an actual pineapple sitting in a pineapple painted cooking pot halfway full of epoxy resin, with an image of a Quaballaic hermit instead of the Dole© tag. A chicken/ and the egg affair- have the simulation components created the real thing or vice versa. The W.P.A. - Special thanks to Kory Smith.

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Abandoned Sept. 9th, 2002 West 42th and 7th Ave., NY, NY

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