Trashsures 3 The Tree of Our World

Trashsure #3 -The Tree of Our World- 2.5' x1.5' x 1.5", found objects, paper, acrylic, and epoxy, - a fusion of Marcel Duchamp's inverted bicycle Wheel and Yggdrasill (the world tree). Complete with Lilliputian worshipers milling about, and a faded color photo copy of the cover to Philip K. Dick's VALIS, stuck to the side. The spinning wheel has the follow message on it- "THIS IS THE TREE OF OUR WORLD, IT IS NOT THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, BUT IT HAS FORBIDDEN FRUIT, ALL THE SAME. AN INDULGENCE OF PLEASURE THAT RESULTS IN NIHILISM. A PURE DELUSION THAT GLORIES WHATEVER IT CAN!"

Abandoned June 29th, 2002 West 24th st and 11th Ave., NY, NY

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