Could your home be the stable for a entire family of Invisible Donkeys?Can you take the chance? Don't know where to turn?


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 Serving the New York City Area since 2003!

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Not everyone deserves a life of glamour, but you do! Don't live in New York, but need our service just contact us, to work out a quote.

One of the biggest issues apartment dwellers have to face today, is Invisible Donkey infestation. These creatures are the number one cause of high phone, gas bills, and sexual dysfunction. Our crack team of I.D.R. Technicians, will go anywhere in the New York City Area ,and remove All Invisible Donkeys from your apartment. To PERFORM this service we only ask the low cost fee of $300.00.  

This will cover all expenses and materials. We guarantee the complete removal of up to 15 Invisible Donkeys. A detailed artistic rendering will be created of your apartment, home, or office, to map out your Invisible Donkey Hot Spots, and once completed you will be rewarded a offical certifcate that you are Invisible Donkey free.

The average Apartment has 8 to 12 Invisible Donkeys. No harm will come to the Donkeys, they will be tranquilized and relocated to an Invisible farm in upstate New York. Don't wait another second, Invisible Donkeys are the number one cause of unhappiness in America, today. Don't be fooled by charlatans, we are the only I.D.R. service you can trust.

Already Invisible Donkey Free? Then order our offical I.D.R. online certification kit for only $25.00. Our artful certificate is suitable for framing.